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Marian - Flowers Funderburk

PO Box 2098 Huntersville
North Carolina, 28070-2098
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Phone: 704-948-5654
Fax:     704-563-1341
About Us

We at Guardian Angel Home Care Agency, Inc. will provide health care related services to the sick, disabled, mentally and physically challenged individuals of any age who can benefit from such services.

Our employees are carefully screened for competence. We employ individuals based on their ability, skills, and qualifications. We make sure that you end up with a caregiver or nurse who is able to suitably fulfill your care requirements while also ensuring your security at home.

If there is a disaster or emergency such as a severe storm or power failure, we have an emergency plan that will be implemented. When you are admitted to our care, we evaluate your situation and assign a risk priority level for services during an emergency. If you have other inquiries, please contact us 704-948-5654 or 704-563-1341.